• Orders

    Can I order directly from you?

    You sure can! Take a look at all the different bundles you can buy here. 13 or 26 sachets of deliciousness per box, delivered straight to your door!

    Is there a delivery charge?

    Nope! Delivery is free of charge.

    When can I expect my delivery?

    We pack and ship our orders on Wednesday for Thursday/Friday delivery. Order by midnight 48hrs before your preferred delivery day to ensure it gets to you on time.

    Do you ship to everywhere in the US?

    Yes, we ship to all parts of the US.

    Is there a returns policy?

    Unfortunately, as a food product, our smoothies cannot be returned. But of course if there’s a problem with your products, please get in touch with us [email protected]

    Who do I talk to if I want to know more, track my delivery or have a complaint?

    Please e-mail at [email protected]

    Will you be expanding the home delivery range?

    Most definitely… We’ve got lots of delicious recipes up our sleeves. Watch this space!

  • Trade

    How do I become a trade customer?

    Please get in touch if you’re interested in our products for your café, bar restaurant etc at [email protected]

    Do you supply blenders?

    No, sadly not at the moment.

  • Products

    How do I make the smoothies?

    Simply add 200ml or 6.8 fl oz apple juice, milk or coconut water to your blender, pop in one of our smoothie sachets and blend for 30 seconds. If the blender sticks add a splash more juice and try again.

    Do I have to use apple juice with all the smoothies?

    Not at all! We think apple juice is a great base for all of our smoothies, but things like coconut water, almond milk, or even water with a dash of maple syrup work a treat. Click on the circled i next to each smoothie to get blending options for each flavour (including a low cal option) here

    Can I add other ingredients to the smoothies?

    Absolutely! Our smoothies taste great as they are, but definitely can be pimped with your favourite ingredients. And don’t forget to show us your creations on Instagram @love_struck

    What are the nutritional values of each smoothie?

    The nutritional values of each smoothie are different. Click on the circled i next to each smoothie to get the lowdown for each flavour. See here

  • Sustainability

    Is the packaging recyclable?

    The smoothie sachets and dry ice sachets are both recyclable.

    The cardboard box is made of recycled materials and can also be recycled.


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